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Lamborghini Deserto V10

The Ferrari 510 Cordero is inspired from the Ferrari Enzo shape, based on the 458 italia    proportions, with a V-10 engine located in the middle/back.

Like the Enzo, this car is a tribute to another big character in Ferrari history.

Displacement cc: 5126
Power bhp (kW) at RPM: 530(388) 8000
Torque lb-ft (Nm) at RPM: (510) Nm 6700 rpm
10 cylinders V90° DOHC 4 valves,common-pin     crankshaft

Exterior Dimensions & Weight
Length × Width × Height in: 177.6 × 77.7 47.8
Weight lb (kg): 2977 (1350)

Brakes & Tires
Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/vented disc
Driveline: Rear Wheel Drive

Tires F-R: 245/35 ZR19 - 305/35 ZR19
Ferrari Cinquecentodieci Cordero
The new Toyota Supra (JZ3) (Sketch and photoshop rendering)

Time ago,in Asia, there was a war.Five automotive brands were fighting one against the other for the leadership.Each brand had a top range vehicle for the competitions and normal road use.Nissan GTR,Honda NSX,Mazda RX7, Toyota SUPRA, Mitsubishi GTO,were the weapons for fighting in this battle.
Now, after twenty years, only Nissan with the GTR and Mazda with the RX8 keep the legend alive.The JZ3 is the answer to continue that battle in the new century.


Drivetrain Transmission 6 Speed DSG Manual Layout Front Engine, AWD
Final Drive Ratio 3.70:1
Differential 1.5 Way Mechanical Limited Slip
Brakes 4 Wheel Disc-15in.Front/Rear
Engine Horsepower 520 hp @ 7500 rpm Torque 460 ft-lbs. @ 3800 rpm Displacement 3.9 liters
Engine Type Twin Turbo 24V V6
Length 183.3 in
Width 74.6 in
Height 54 in
Wheelbase 109.5 in
The Z9 is the replacement of the legendary BMW Z8.
At the beginning of my sketches i wanted to design something which could be adopted for the new V8 supercharged engines, which are currently built on the X5 and X6 M models, but with a lighter chassis.
The frontal part has many different kinds of air vents and air escapes, which are located on the hood and on the rear part of the headlights.
I wanted the car to have an additional electric engine, built in the middle of the rear wheels. For this reason I created an additional air vent located on the rear side of the car.
The electric engine does not need to be a powerfull one but it represents just a way to save fuel and help nature when we want to drive slow or when we are in the city center...

then...if we see from the internal sidemirrors displays that  a ferrari is ready to engage in a competition from our back, it is time to turn on the frontal monster engine!

The idea of a different seating position in a the two wheels solution can also be applied for smaller motorcycle vehicles like scooters or citybikes.
HONDA CBX : Scooter/Motorbyke
The E.U.V is a two floor "City Truck"
Two seats are located in the front and other three passengers can sit in the back.The rear passengers can watch the road through an LCD screen.

E.U.V.   "Electric utility vehicle"
E.U.V.   "Electric utility vehicle"
Concept Sketches